Soul Labyrinth v0.2 is out!

I've been working on fixing bugs as well as adding new stuff, and this update is largely about refocusing the design to make the random elements truly important.

Here's what's new:


Big stuff:

  • Buffed enemy freezing after battles
  • Enemies now freeze when battles initiate and when chests are being opened. 
  • Added chests on each floor that give you random choice of accessories 
  • Removed accessories from the rest area merchant 
  • Added autosave between runs 
  • Removed manual save. If anyone knows how to get a "quicksave" that deletes itself after loading in RPG Maker so you can take breaks let me know 
  • Added battle results for EXP and item drops -slightly changed the final boss's attack patterns.

Small stuff:

  • Fixed Meredith's appearance in the room where you first fight her
  • Fixed bug where losing to a mini-boss would still put them in your party
  • Added map names when you enter a new map, to help keep track of floors. 
  • Fixed bug where chests in starting room lose their hitbox once they're open. 
  • Fixed Revive Ring description 
  • Fixed Dark Spark skill description (it now has one) 
  • Fixed typo in the Yank skill description 
  • Fixed issue where many skills could be used outside of battle (which would do nothing but drain MP) 
  • Most skills are no longer gauranteed to hit 
  • Added battle messages to skills that were missing it 
  • Fourth set of floor chest drops are now "fixed" - they're a duplicate of third set drops. 
  • Exit staircase can no longer be in the same room as the entrance staircase 
  • Reorganized the soul shop. This will matter to you later.

I anticipate some new bugs cropping up as a result of some of these changes, and of course if you notice anything please email me at!

What to look out for in the next update:

  • A credits page
  • New music
  • More art for the characters
  • Unlocks you have to search for
  • More Soul upgrades
  • Better enemy stats and behaviors

Right now this game has a lot of stock stuff, particularly the art, and while I'd like to make this game have its own identity I currently lack the resources to do that the level of my own satisfaction. 

And of course you can follow me on Twitter (@IsiahGames) where I'll post more incremental updates as well as post about other projects (and bad jokes).

-Isiah Brighton


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Dec 30, 2018
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Dec 30, 2018
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Dec 30, 2018

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